Tips For Taking Care Of Skin in Winter

We all want to have a soft and glowing skin all the year round.  Yes, we all want it but when it is winter we become more defensive about our skin. Due to low humidity, our skin starts loosing moisture and if we do not take necessary precaution, our skin will become dry. Sometimes, you will notice little cracks on your skin if you do not bother for your skin. Again, it can be noticed that negligence towards skin during winter will make you suffer for the whole year. Hence, to keep your beauty intact for the whole year, taking proper care for your skin during winter is a must.  Let us have a look at the special tips which are easy to follow at home during winter to keep our skin perfectly moisturized.

  • Use lukewarm water: Using lukewarm water while you are washing your face and hands, this will definitely give a perfect oil balance to your skin. This treatment is very easy to maintain your skin during winter without any cost.
  • Moisture your skin after wash: Once you wash your face in winter season, try to apply some moisturizers of good quality so that your skin does not lose oil. So, keep the moisturize ready with you always whenever you wash your face.
  • Select the right moisturizer: There are so many moisturizers available in the market that you may sometimes become puzzled as what to select and what not. Well, here we can count on the branded products only. Again you can opt for some home made treatments to keep your skin moisturized. To save your skin from dehydration, using moisturizers contained with jojoba, lavender, and chamomile will be best for us.
  • Proper protection: To keep your skin well protected from chilled weather, you need to cover your skin with gloves and scarves. Also, you need to use sunscreen suitable to your skin whenever you go outside.
  • Installing humidifier: Winter air is dry and this causes damage to our skin largely. Hence, if possible, installing a humidifier at home will definitely be the best option so that the moisture in the air can get back to your room.
  • Lots of water: During winter we tend to drink hot drinks more like coffee, tea etc but we hardly take normal water in right proportion. Lack of water make our body dehydrate and our skin becomes damaged. Hence, we should be aware regarding taking normal water properly. if possible taking warm water with lemon can give you more refreshed skin and keep you hydrated all through the day.
  • Keep skin moisturized overnight: Our body parts like face, hands, feet, elbows have soft and thin skin. Hence we need to take proper care of these areas and should apply proper moisturizing lotions before sleep so that the skins of these areas can remain soft and moisturized.

Apart from those above tips for skin care in winter we can also act to remove dead cells etc so that we can have a healthy and glamorous skin always.


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