20 Hair care tips: To love your hair and feel gorgeous

Lady with a beautiful hair can make any man go crazy for her. Beautiful hair surely adds extra features to the personality of a woman and makes her look beautiful naturally. If you manage to make an attractive hairdo then you can easily be the centre of attraction, but wait!!!! What, if there is visible dandruff on your skull? It’s over and you are center of attraction for a wrong reason altogether.

To help you out to avoid such embarrassing situation and to have healthy beautiful hair, here are some natural hair care tips:

  1. Got for Nutritious diet and maintain a lifestyle which is healthy is the key to beautiful hair. Include protein in your diet.
  2. Include large amount of green leafy vegetables, carrots and also cod liver oil in your diet
  3. Stay away from junk food it impact on internal health and may lead to hair fall
  4. Ensure to consume at least 8 glass of water every day to keep your body toxin free
  5. Say no to all hair styling products and treatments. Chemicals present in these products and treatments encourages more hair fall.
  6. If you are having damaged or dry hair or dry skull then you can use a pack of fresh curd or aloe Vera extract. This will help in conditioning the air and will make it soft and pulpy
  7. Ensure to clean your hair on every alternate basis and keep the scalp free from oil
  8. Check your hair type and based on that pick the shampoo which goes well with your hair. Learn making homemade shampoo using natural products. This will keep the hair free from any chemical damage.
  9. Avoid combing your wet hair, even in the case it easy to comb. This will pull more here from your scalp. let the hair get dry in a natural way then comb and tie
  10. Do not tie wet hair at any cost, it will make the hair roots weak
  11. Say no to stress in your life. More stress means more health issues and more hair fall. Do meditation to relax your mind.
  12. Ensure to go for a sleep which is peaceful and make you feel refreshed in morning
  13. Love your hair and be gentle with it
  14. Wash your hair using either cold or lukewarm water. Too much hot water can split the hair tips and damage the hair.
  15. Use conditioning hair mask on your hair to make it soft
  16. Collect the extracted juice of bitter gourd. Apply the juice on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and get your hair clean using natural shampoo
  17. Dont tie your hair too tight as it creates unwanted pressure on the roots and makes it weak
  18. Get the hair trimmed at regular interval to help it grow healthy
  19. Avoid using a dryer as it damages the texture of the hair, making it damaged and unhealthy
  20. Cover your hair with a scarf when you are out under the sun

The above are some of the most important hair care tips which one need to follow to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.



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